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The Exclusive Contract Services Management Team includes fully trained Environment, Health & Safety and Quality Assurance Managers.

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) plan focuses on staff deployment and training and is constantly updated as required via our QA Manager and member of the senior team.

This combined with constant supervision and cleaning inspections form the basis for a monthly TQM report for every area of the contract. We tailor make reports to suit each client’s requirements.

Our operational plan will provide details for the effective execution of the contract. In summary, the areas which are covered include:

  • Mobilisation
  • Cleaning methodology
  • Staff deployment strategy
  • Emergency response plan
  • Authority, co-ordination and reporting
  • Contingency plans for shift staff shortfalls
  • Staff courtesy requirements
  • Communications
  • Business Continuity

The plan also discusses feedback arising from staff deployment and our strategy for keeping staff pro-active and efficient at all times.

We consistently monitor the market to ensure that we are aware of new developments and technologies. Thus we are confident that our partnerships will deliver the very latest cutting edge cleaning services available.

Exclusive Contract Services methods for monitoring and managing cleaning standards are always of the highest order. We firmly believe that our cleaning methodology, with its proven efficiency, will ensure we provide a first-class service.

Our approach to quality is wholly aligned to our ethos, approach and aim. In doing so, we acknowledge that it is a constantly evolving process and one that we work on consistently in order to achieve our expressed desires and those of our staff and clients.

A copy of our Quality Policy Statement is available as required along with all of our policy statements.